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Our machines are special stereolithography 3D printers, which usually consist of five main components. In addition to the UV laser, these include an optical scanner or the beam guidance system, a microprocessor that controls the entire system, and the actual operating software. In addition, corresponding systems include a photopolymer container including the working platform in the chamber for the important light-curing process.aIn the generative rapid prototyping process “stereolithography” (SLA or SL for short), the workpiece is located in a liquid bath of photopolymer into which it is gradually lowered deeper. A laser passes over the starting material at each step to generate the desired shape.


The stereolithography process is the longest-used 3D printing process to date, allowing it to build on the most experience. With the stereolithography process, it is possible to create very delicate structures and smooth surfaces. SLA is known as an extremely precise process. In order to produce an object for you using the stereolithography process, we need the three-dimensional CAD model from you as a basis.

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