The Material

Suitable materials for the SLA process are liquid epoxy resins, acrylates or elastomers that are photosensitive to ultraviolet light. The materials we use are listed below:

MaterialTensile Modulus (MPa)Similarity withCharacteristicsColor of the Part
SL(EP)17001600-1800PP , PA12translucent
SL(EP)19001800-2000PA6/PA66 , PCgray
SL(EP)22002100-2300PA6/PA66,PC,ABS+PCblack (anthracite)
SL(EP)27002600-2800PC , ABS , PETclear
SL(EP)28002700-2900PBT , POMwhite
SL(EP)90008500-10.000filled polymerswhite / yellowish

Material Datasheet

For an overview please look on our material datasheet

Test plate

Download the stl file of our test plate in 50mm x 50mm format.